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May 25th, 2013
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The Mobile Web

Mobile Web

In an era when consumers are increasingly turning away from the PC and towards mobile devices to access the web and email, to research purchases, and to transact,
a mobile website is essential for any business that wants to stay competitive.

We’ve got bad news for folks who like sitting in front of a PC – the desktop computer is going the way of the dodo.  Every day, about a gazillion new mobile devices are sold.  That’s not an exact figure, but it’s bound to be close.  No matter what kind of business you run, you need to have a mobile website.

A mobile website is one that’s designed specifically for mobile devices like smartphones and tablet computers.  Mobile sites are designed for the small screen, with the needs of mobile users in mind.  Regular sites that are designed for PCs don’t look quite right on mobile devices.  They can also be hard to navigate.  When potential customers/clients are on the go, they are looking for easy-to-access information.   They don’t want to go through the trouble of having to resize/expand their screen to see your site and scroll endlessly to find the information they’re looking for.   Potential customers/clients are trying to find information in a hurry.   And what happens when a potential customer/client is fed up with your site?   They leave!   A mobile-friendly site can help your business connect with customers and increase sales, but a bad mobile experience can drive your customers to your competition.

Why the World Loves Mobile

Mobiles are taking off because the technology on our phones has finally improved to the point where you can basically do everything on them.  You can surf the internet, check your Facebook account, email people, chat online, shop, play games – and you can even call people.  Yes, people still occasionally do that on their phones.

Mobile User Habits

In a recent survey of 17 countries, including the USA, UK and Australia, over 70% of users make general searches on their smartphone.   Product searches in particular make up 50% of all searches.

Deloitte has reported that nearly half (48%) of U.S. consumers said their phones have influenced their decision to purchase an item in-store.

What are you doing to reach this demographic?  If you don’t have a mobile-optimized website, you’re missing the boat!

The good thing about mobile surfers is that they are ready to buy NOW!   They’re on the go and seeking information quickly.   If they can’t find what they are after because of your website’s poor usability, you’ve just lost a sale!

With the ease of use of a properly-designed mobile site, it is easy for mobile surfers to use the tap-to-call feature, or find directions or store hours much easier.

Don’t leave business to your competitors by ignoring the mobile market.  Mobile is growing, and we can help you stay ahead of the curve.

Your customers/clients are already mobile.  Are you?   Mobilize your site now!

Mobile Marketing

Mobile Marketing is not exclusive to your website.   This can include using QR codes, SMS or text message marketing, or managing your online reputation.   We offer a variety of plans to take advantage of these various methods of mobile marketing.  Contact us now to find out how we can help your business through mobile marketing!